You're not drinking one year's vintage

You’re drinking 30 years of Forrest.

Bannockburn Creek Vineyard

Nestled close to Cromwell is the tortured yet beautiful landscape of Bannockburn, created by miners in their sluicing for gold in the 19th Century. Here vineyards are made up of glacial deposits mixed with miners tailings.

Our vineyard is situated on north-facing terraces on the banks of Lake Dunstan at the head of the Bannockburn Inlet. The micro climate allows natural protection from frosts,cold southerly winds and permits extra ripening from the summer sun. Bannockburn is now the most sought after grape growing region in Otago.

Waitaki Valley Vineyard

Waitaki Valley is one of the newest and most exciting wine growing regions in New Zealand, and now has a number of the countries leading winemakers involved. The potential of the region was identified by the late Howard Patterson, a visionary Otago businessman whose friendship with winemaker Dr John Forrest lead to their fi rst wines from this region.

Situated on the north facing slopes of the Waitaki River, between the towns of Duntroon and Kurow, the land offers a number of unique natural advantages that make it suitable for the production of good Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. The land is rich in white limestone soils visible to the naked eye, providing the ‘chalk’ that is famous in the classic premium Pinot Noir region of Burgundy in France.



Beth, John, Brigid, Sam and Reid


Reid, John, Beth, Sam and Brigid


John & Brigid

Renwick Cellar Door Inauguration


John and Brigid