Our Sauvignon Blanc Story

Sauvignon Blanc, the variety that put New Zealand on the map and still makes up 70% of the country's wine production/exports is probably the variety that we take for granted the most. So, we got together here at Forrest, with the excuse of trying the 2013 John Forrest Sauvignon Blanc from tank, and had a look at our current vintages of Sauvignon. Great tasting for us people that are usually on the other side, the drinkers.

We tried the 2013 Forrest and Doctors' Sauvignon, John Forrest Collection 2012 and also two wines we do for the UK market,Stonewall (Laithwaites.co.uk) and Belmonte (Virginwines.co.uk). 

So, February is Sauvignon Blanc month here at Forrest!, we will go over our different Marlborough vineyards and show what makes our Sauvignons different and special and also talk a little on what part the winery plays in all of this. For example, did you know that the 2013 Forrest Sauvignon has some oak barrel aging?

Stay tuned, we will try to be as clear and entertaining as possible. It's a busy month in Marlborough with the Marlborough Wine and Food Festival this weekend and we also have Edward Laurenson singing Opera this Friday!




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